NS Technology and Consultant provide services to support Clients with throughout solution in the fields of Engineering survey, accurate Data Collection, investigation to Master plan developmental constructions, preparation of Detailed Project Report, Engineering design solution and implementation to Project management consultancy services for completing the projects successfully.

We love to work in close partnership with our clients that helps us understanding their exact needs and thereby provide independent Technical, Technological, strategic, commercial advice to deliver an all-embracing projects for the communities in which we reside.

Company Overview:

NS Technology and Consultant is an established trader, supplier and service provider of RTK DGPS. This specific GPS-GNSS surveying system runs on GNSS technology. Our RTK DGPS is notable for its high efficiency level and reliable working system.

Equipped with state-of-the-art Light Detction and Ranging survey Technology with DGPS and Total station equipment including high-precision measurement equipment, our survey team is highly experienced in a wide variety of survey projects such as New Highway Alignment, 3-R Project survey, Bridge Deck Overlay survey, Hydropower Contour survey, Bathymetry Survey etc. During construction work we are involved into highway staking, Pipe staking, Bridge staking etc. We go through an accurate measurement of angular deviation, horizontal, vertical and slope distances with computerization, electronic distance measurement (EDM), total stations, GPS surveying and laser scanning devices which have largely supplanted the traditional instruments. Data collected from survey measurement is converted into a graphical representation of the Earth’s surface in the form of a map.

We Deal With:

The following category would demonstrate our potentiality in capturing and monitoring High precision data: