Land Surveying & Mapping is the technique, profession, and science of determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and the distances and angles between them. NS Technology & Consultant provides complete professional surveying and mapping services in construction, mining and land development. All surveys are completed under the supervision of a licensed land surveyor experienced in the particular type of survey required. We utilise GPS, robotic and conventional total stations with electronic data collectors. All surveys and mapping meet National Map Accuracy Standards or other appropriate quality standards. NSTC routinely provides MSHA and OSHA trained survey crews, depending upon the site specific requirements.

NS TECHNOLOGY AND CONSULTANT provides a broad range of Geodetic Surveying and Hydrographical Services such as:

  • Topographic Surveys using DGPS, Total station and Auto level
  • Land Survey
  • Hydrographic Survey
  • Transmission LineRoad Survey
  • Rail Survey
  • Engineer Survey
  • Surface and volume measurement and detail design
  • Mining Project
  • Water Supply and Sewerage Projects
  • Constitution work and building
  • Canal Survey

NSTC has a specialised department for land surveying applications such as pipeline infrastructure/routing and supporting onshore drilling efforts. We offer a full range of professional surveying and mapping services to support the energy industry.

We serve clients in a professional manner that exceeds their expectations and we offer the advantage of working with a single firm that integrates onshore surveying dimensional control and laser scanning services to achieve the best results. Our surveyors have the experience necessary to address your unique surveying and mapping needs as well as the expertise to deliver solutions that ultimately save time and money.